Scrumptious healthy seafood dinners

Mon 6th November 2017
Healthy Seafood Eating

Christmas is coming and along with all the trimmings, so does that pre-festive diet where people are looking to lose a few pounds to fit into their favourite party outfit.

At FitD towers we’re not ones for cutting anything out of our diets, we are ones for ‘everything in moderation’ and we hope that we’ve got some pointers in our recipes that will help you on your way to dropping those pounds.

Tuna Melt Sweet Potato Wedges700X660

We love this tuna melt sweet potato wedges recipe. It barely even feels like you are denying yourself - it’s more like you are treating yourself.


When you’ve been ‘good’ all week, you want to treat yourself at the weekend but not spoil the healthy eating that you have been doing. So why not indulge yourself with this ‘healthy’ fish and chips dish?


This pollock tagine is ready in 45 minutes and has only a handful ingredients,. This dish is ideal for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking, or washing up lots of pots and pans!


This light flavoured and scrumptious plaice recipe with lemon and tomato is so filling, that you won’t have any need for a dessert!

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Dawn x