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How easy is it to eat more seafood weekly?

Mon 8th January 2018

How many portions of seafood have you enjoyed this week?

Being healthy is not only all about what you eat, but also your lifestyle. It’s a partnership for life.  We all know what we should and shouldn't eat. We all know that we should have at least five portions of fruit and veg a day, drink lots of water, cut back on saturated fat, and get plenty of regular exercise.

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Seafood of the month - mackerel

Thu 4th January 2018

Happy New Year! A fresh start, a new you, a change in lifestyle - these are some of the things that we think about when a new year comes in. Whilst we at Fish is the Dish towers can’t help you change your life drastically, we can help with little changes, like a change in your diet. Yes you guessed it, by adding in more fish. 

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Make the most of delicious lemon sole

Wed 3rd January 2018

Lemon sole is arguably one of the finest of all flat fish – and a species that’s perfect to eat at this time of year.

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Beat the budget with seafood!

Mon 1st January 2018

Here comes January! It brings a new start and also a slightly battered bank balance. We all have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year: we want to get fit, we want to eat healthier, and we want to save more. Well, we can help you with at least two of these resolutions - eating healthier and on a budget too (you may be able to put a little more away each week/month). Plus, eating seafood at least twice a week can give you some fab health benefits!

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There ain't no party like a seafood party

Thu 21st December 2017

This time of year is full of parties - you’re either throwing them or going to them. December just feels like a whirlwind of food, fun and laughter. 

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Christmas Dinner

Christmas Seafood Recipes

Fri 1st December 2017

Christmas is nearly here! You’ve got the present list written, the Christmas cards are about to be posted, you can’t wait until the decorations are all up, and there’s only one more thing left to do… Figure out what to have for Christmas dinner! Why stick to the same old, same old? Go for something different this year. Not sure where to start? We’ve got some fin-tastic ideas of what you could surprise your guests with!

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