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Toast Day 770X600

Combine National Toast Day with your love of seafood

Thu 22nd February 2018

Today (22nd February) is National Toast Day we thought that this was an excellent way to bring two of our favourite types of food together – and with it being on a Friday feels like it’s a double treat.

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Chinese New Year 2018 770X600

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with seafood

Thu 15th February 2018

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with us on Friday 16 February. This Chinese New Year, it’s the year of the dog. It is believed that the dog symbolises loyalty, bravery and caring for others.   

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Soup Blog 770X600

Satisfying seafood soup

Thu 8th February 2018

In this chilly weather sometimes there is nothing better than coming home to a bowl of comforting hot soup with some crusty bread. Just the thought of it has my mouth-watering. At Fish is the Dish towers we have got quite the selection of soup recipes, from chowder to Cullen skink, from Tom Yum to hot and sour. We have got it all covered!

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Romantic Meal770X600

Show your love this Valentine's Day with seafood

Sat 3rd February 2018

Planning to do something romantic for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Maybe take them to a fancy restaurant? Shower them with gifts? But maybe none of that seems enough! We at Fish is the Dish towers think the way to show your better half that you care is by preparing them a perfect home cooked meal, created with love.

We’ve put together some suggestions that may help your night become one to remember.

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Cjw Coley And Pancetta Pasta770X600

Three cheers to coley – a real unsung seafood hero!

Thu 1st February 2018

Coley has been much maligned over the years and still has the thoroughly undeserved reputation of being only good enough for the cat! Well, I can tell you, my cat isn't getting any! The truth is that this poor relation of cod and haddock has much to show for itself. It is an under-utilised fish and one that we should take much more notice of. Cod and haddock have lovely sweet white chunky flakes when cooked, while coley looks off white and has a slightly coarser texture. But many think the flavour is superior to cod, and personally I'd agree! This fish is usually sold filleted. The skin is coal black with a silver scaly belly. The most recognisable part is the thick white lateral line that runs down the middle. The flesh is pink-grey, but don't let this put you off!

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Burns Seafood Supper

Mon 22nd January 2018

Burns Night is only a few days away (Thursday 25th January) and we thought we would start planning our menu early! We are really excited to try some seafood alternatives this year and show you how easy it is to create a seafood spin on this traditional Scottish fayre.

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