It’s National Beer Day!

Fri 14th June 2019
Seafish National Beer Day Twitter

Are you a beer lover celebrating National beer day today? A perfect excuse for a trip to the pub, we’ll be joining you in spirit and we’re bringing back our Seafood and Beer evenings later in the summer. 

Food and drink pairings are a classic and what better way to celebrate beer than with Seafood. Just like beer, seafood offers a fabulous array of different tastes so we only thought it fitting to pair the two together.  Beer, Ale, Stout- you name it, we’re matching it.

‘Gin and Tonic Beer Battered Cod’, and ‘Ginger - Beer and Beer Battered fish are now becoming more popular than ever, but we have gone one stage further and created a number of fresh seafood dishes for an evening class at Billingsgate Seafood School and used beer to stir up some new taste experiences.

We’re keeping things local here and partnering with the amazing East London Brewing Company to bring this relaxed evening filled with seafood and beer.  The East London Brewing Company (ELB) is an award-winning microbrewery in the heart of London’s E10. Set up by husband and wife team, Stu and Claire, ELB currently brews eight beers and regular specials and seasonals. 

Claire has been working directly with CJ Jackson at Billingsgate to harmonise Seafood with ELB’s beers to create a truly unique evening for those who attend. Here’s what she had to say about the partnership:

’We’re so excited to be working with CJ and the Billingsgate Seafood School. When we were first approached it was from the perspective of a simple pairing with the School’s wonderful recipes. We worked with CJ and her team to match a wide range of beer styles, always looking for balance.  The first question is that of intensity – it’s not going to work pairing a very rich, oily fish, such as mackerel, with a very subtle, low percentage beer, such as a Mild. Equally, it doesn’t work paring a delicately-flavoured, simply prepared white fish, with a big, high percentage, hoppy IPA or stout. The particular flavours of the pairing are irrelevant if one overpowers the other’’. 

’Once you’ve chosen your fish dish and narrowed down the potential beer styles that go with it you’re looking for flavours that enhance, complement or contrast in a pleasing manner. Some fish dishes show their best qualities when the beer is very different, while others can  be enhanced by similar flavours in the beer – e.g. a light and lemony fish dish with a light and lemony pale ale.

’We’ve now moved on and we’re experimenting with recipes that actually use the beer in the preparation of the dish – CJ’s latest dishes are absolutely exquisite’’

Check out some of their amazing pairings below:

Slow cooked Octopus with chestnut mushrooms, sage paired with ELB’s Night-watchmen beer. Earthy, sweet and intense- we’re big fans. 

Moules Marinere a favourite of yours? These culinary geniuses have cooked Mussels in beer with ginger and spring onion, which results in a caramel flavour song for the taste buds.

And how about Grilled Mackerel with an Asian Inspired Beer marinade to serve with pickled red onion and carrot slaw...

Come and join us for an evening of beer and seafood: