Fish Supper Friday

Thu 12th October 2017
Fact 1

We Brits are known for our love of fish and chips, with so many variations of fish available to have nowdays, we don’t have to stick to just cod or haddock!

With this in mind we thought we would give you some variations on fish and chip Friday, just to shake things up!

Ultimate fish finger sandwich

No 1 – Fish Finger sandwich 

No, not the kind you pull out the freezer for the kids but ones you can actually make yourself. I know - who knew it could be so easy and so scrumptious? This recipe that we’ve created for you is no ordinary fish finger sandwich. It’s the ULTIMATE fish finger sandwich.


No 2 – Fish finger canapes

We bet you haven’t thought of this little beauty before! So simple, yet so impressive! Your guests will be amused and delighted at this unusual canape.


No 3 – Pirate’s treasure trove chest with fish nuggets and potatoes

Yes, it may be a bit of a mouthful to say but this creative dish will get your little ones eating their veggies in no time with them pretend the veg are jewels and that this fish is the gold. Win/win and we know how good fish is for your kids!

Let us know what fishy alternatives you like to try by tweeting us @fishisthedish.

Dawn x