Everyday lunches

Fri 6th October 2017

We know it’s hard to decide what to have for lunch every day. That’s why we are here to help! Not only do we have a 28-day plan for you to get in your two seafood dishes a week, we also have our top three suggestions of what to have during the week. These dishes are sure to fill you up and keep you on top form with no afternoon slump!

Smoked Mackerel And Sweet Potato

No 1 – baked sweet potato with smoked mackerel

We love, love, love this recipe. It’s got such a great combo of carbs and protein as well as such an explosion of flavours that you won’t be able to resist. 

Prawn Fajitas

No 2 – prawn fajitas

You can easily prepare these the night before and just grab them out the fridge before you head out the door to work. So tasty and it will perk your day right up if it’s not going the way you want!

Posh sardines on toast

No 3 – posh sardines on toast

If you’re feeling that you need to treat yourself, try this delicious sardine recipe. The chilli gives it an extra special kick!

Let us know what seafood specials are your default meals during the week by tweeting us at @fishisthedish.

Dawn x