British Pie Week 2018

Sun 4th March 2018
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British Pie Week is just around the corner (5th-11th March) and we can’t wait to break out all our full-of-flavour seafood pies. Having seafood in your pie is a great way to get one or more of your two-a-week! There are so many reasons to include seafood into your diet, it boosts your mood and brain function. It also increases levels of omega-3 in your body, which leads to healthy skin, hair, nails and improves sleep!

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We couldn’t wait to start things off with this scrumptious fish pie. It’s so simple but so warming and delicious. If there are any leftovers (I know, we find this unlikely too!) you could have it as the next day’s lunch and make everyone around you jealous!

Swede Fish Pie

This super swede fish pie recipe will have your mouth watering. We love the added combination of cod and smoked haddock fillets combined with prawns. And having the carrot and swede for the topping is such an inspired idea! Not only are you meeting the recommended portions of seafood during the week, you’re also getting two of your five a day!


Are your kids (big or small) lovers of Star Wars? If they are, they will be delighted to see you create this masterpiece for dinner. It’s such a simple recipe to follow and is ready in around an hour. Who could resist the power of the Force?


With our seafood en croute we thought we would give a different slant on the classic fish pie. This is also a really quick way to get your two-a-week with it ready in about 40 minutes. It’s such a simple recipe to follow, that we bet you won’t be able to wait to try it.

We can’t wait to see your seafood pie recipes. Tweet us at @fishisthedish.

Dawn x