Bring in the spring

Sun 8th March 2020
Spring Table Setting

As the seas surrounding the UK heat up in the spring, a variety of fish start to migrate back to our waters or head to shallower seas from the deep off-shore where they have spent the winter. Plaice, mackerel, cod and pollock are just a few of the species likely to be targeted by anglers in this time of year… it’s time to fill those fridges with seasonal delights!

This Chipotle fish tacos is a simple and healthy recipe, tickling our taste buds with succulent fish and chipotle! To prepare and cook will only take about 40 minutes and it is worth it, why not give is a go and champion plaice in your home this week!

Chipotle Cod Tacos770X600

I love, love, love mackerel and this recipe begs to be made again and again! Full of flavour, fantastically healthy…what more can I say! Try these Roast sweet potato with mackerel, chilli and ginger for your next fishy dinner.

Roast Sweet Potato With Mackerel Chilli And Ginger

If I had to choose a non-seafood favourite it would have to be chorizo. Luckily for me, and any other chorizo fiends out there, this next recipe inspired by Spaniards combines seafood and chorizo in a beautiful marriage of flavours with an extra dose protein from the eggs! Yum, yum, yum! Try our prawn chorizo frittata this week :)

Prawn Chorizo Frittata

Becca x