A dish of the nation but how do you eat yours?

Tue 2nd September 2014
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Fish and chips - salt and vinegar, mayo, curry sauce or ketchup - the nation's dish with regional twists.

All over the UK as a nation we love our fish and chips. Whether we are tucking into them at the seaside, at home or on the way home after a night out - we simply just love them. Packed full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, lower in fat and calories than other takeaways, fish and chips always get the thumbs up from us.

The way we eat our fish and chips varies throughout the UK. When I was growing up in Perthshire, I thought everyone ate their fish and chips with salt and vinegar. Nights out in Edinburgh in my teens then unveiled the Edinburgh phenomenon that is salt and sauce. Now, I would've thought salt and sauce meant ketchup but no, not in Edinburgh - sauce is actually a mixture of vinegar and brown sauce.  I wasn't impressed on my first experience of Edinburgh's salt and sauce, I couldn't bring myself to eat it as I really hate brown sauce. Friends from Glasgow, just 45 miles west of Edinburgh have fallen foul of the Edinburgh phenomenon but once you make the rookie mistake once you never ever get caught again.

New research from our friends at Seafish unwraps some fantastic facts about how different cities in the UK enjoy their fish and chips.

Fish and chip city twists

  • Belfast: eats the most cod (81% of respondents prefer cod) and is tops for splashing on vinegar (80%)
  • Birmingham: adds more curry sauce than any other city surveyed (43%)
  • Newcastle:  biggest fans of eating from the paper/box (70%); top for both tomato ketchup (40%) and eating by the seaside (37%)
  • Manchester: Number 1 for adding mushy peas (66%) and gravy (29%)
  • Cardiff: Add salt (89%) the most frequently and, like Glaswegians, love eating them on the way home from the pub
  • Edinburgh:  Nearly half of respondents (45%) prefer to eat fish and chips on the couch in front of the TV favouring salt ‘n’ sauce (45%)

For the full low down of all stats and to find out more about the National Fish & Chips Awards click here and check out our cool infographic below.

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