2 a week? Are you getting enough?

Fri 4th May 2018
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Un-surprisingly – most of our customers know that they should be eating more fish, but struggle to achieve this. Not all know that Government guidelines recommend 2 portions a week as a minimum.

The top 5 include cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns… and following on in 6th place is farmed seabass…. And at Billingsgate we can have up to 120- 150 species of seafood on the market monthly – this illustrates just how culturally diverse London has become as many species arrive from over 60 countries globally – making Billingsgate THE largest INLAND fish market in the UK. The title for THE largest fish market goes to Peterhead.

So with all these facts at our fingers – we have a plan for 2018!

We publish our newsletter each month to send out to our customers via email. These include a recipe of the month using a seasonal special along with a Catch of the Month and Market update, tip of the month and Gift of the Month. 

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As of the beginning of January I included 2 seafood recipe ideas a week, but with a focus on trying not to use the same product more than twice through the year, which is possible if we embrace the different species available on the market.  

To do this I spent some time listing all the products available and checking that all that I wanted to use didn’t flag up lots of sustain issues, including carbon footprint etc…

I also wanted ALL seafood and recipes that were easy to whip up and took less than 30 minutes to assemble – to prove that we can not only have an incredibly exciting a range of flavours and textures, but also that SEAFOOD IS THE ULTIMATE FAST FOOD too!

So far we have included smoked salmon, gurnard, sardines, coley, whelks, mussels, lemon sole, tilapia, sprats, cold water prawns, rock oyster, kippers and seabream – to name a few.. We still have another 26 weeks worth of fish and shellfish lined up to take us well past the summer. Some of this fish will be frozen and some canned – these all count. We will make the most of all the farmed fish available too. 


If you would like to follow our progress and get some ideas – or even try to follow our recipe suggestions – please contact us at the school on info@seafoodtraining.org or call our Administrator  - Kirsty – who will make sure you get added to our mailing list.

I would also love to hear from anyone who can list different fish dishes they have enjoyed over a week or two.

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful array of some of the best global species in our waters and all of these offer us such an array of flavours and textures, we need to be making more of all of it!

CJ Jackson