Mackerel Dish By Glasgow Chef

Glasgow chef Brian Maule brings you a lockdown feast of fish dishes

As part of the 'Sea for Yourself' campaign we hear from Glasgow chef Brian Maule on lockdown dishes. With the nation dining out less and spending more time cooking at home, searches for mealtime inspiration are on the rise. In fact, Google searches for seafood recipes in particular have rocketed by 61% since the start of the UK lockdown, showing people are keen to try some new fish dishes.

As part of its Sea For Yourself campaign, Seafish, the public body that supports the UK seafood industry, is urging people to get behind the industry by trying British-caught fish such as mussels, crab, mackerel, hake and lemon sole.

As well as being a fantastic source of healthy nutrients, protein and vitamins, fish is delicious and simple to prepare.

Many people are nervous when it comes to cooking seafood, but fish and shellfish lend themselves to a wide variety of quick and easy cooking methods.

Seafish has some fantastic hints and tips to help:

Pan frying: This is a great method for any whole pan-ready fish, fillets and fish portions.

  • Grilling: Better suited to whole fish and flaky fillets. This method works best for oil-rich fish such as mackerel and herring.
  • Barbecuing: Meaty fish is perfect for marinating in citrus, salt, pepper and olive oil and then barbecuing.
  • Steaming: The healthiest way to cook fish is by steaming it. Simply place portions or whole fish in a steamer over 2–3cm of boiling water. Whole fish can be stuffed with herbs or surrounded by aromatic flavours. Mussels are also best steamed.
  • Baking and roasting: Since fish is easy to overcook, oven cooking should be used carefully. Foil wrapping fillets is best for cooking at home. Portions and whole fish can be wrapped in foil with a little liquid to create the steam, which cooks the fish.

Renowned Glasgow chef and restaurateur Brian Maule, of Chardon d'Or in West Regent Street, has put these tantalising fish dishes together.

Grilled Mackerel, with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, grilled chorizo and aged balsamic vinegar

Pan-Fried Plaice with Spinach, tips of asparagus, caper butter sauce

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