Turbot with Salsa and Sesame Noodles

Prep time: 6 minutes Cooking time: 7 minutes Serves: 2 Skill level: Easy Peasy Recipe by: Seafish

A fantastic spicy dish, with eastern flavours and tangy salsa combining beautifully - by Fish is the Dish


The method

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/gas 4. Place the turbot on a lightly oiled tray. Dust with the five spice powder and season with black pepper. Brush the fish with the sunflower oil and place in the oven for 5-10min or until cooked through.
  2. While the fish is cooking, make the salsa: mix the red onion, ginger, chilli, garlic and tomatoes in a bowl. Add the lime juice and fish sauce to taste, and season with salt and black pepper. Finally, add the coriander, mix well and set aside.
  3. Heat the sesame oil in a wok or non-stick wok and cook the beansprouts quickly until piping. When cooked, add the noodles and toss with the beansprouts. Heat until the noodles are hot. 
  4. Place a mound of the noodles and beansprouts in the centre of 2 serving bowls, top with the cooked fishspoon over the salsa.

This recipe would also work well with halibut instead of turbot.