Thai Red Fish Curry with Jasmine Rice

Prep time: 10-12 minutes Cooking time: 16-20 minutes Serves: 2 Skill level: Competent Cook Recipe by: Seafood Scotland

Squid, shellfish and whitefish combine in this fine red curry


The method

  1. Prepare the squid by slicing open the tube and scoring the inside in a diamond pattern. Cut into one inch pieces.
  2. Cut the monkfish (or other white fish) into one inch cubes. Wash the shellfish and de-beard the mussels (pull the piece of hair like material towards the fat end of the mussel and remove it). Discard any mussels that are cracked or remain open after tapping sharply.
  3. If using langoustine in the curry, bring a large pan of water with a big handful of salt to the boil. Once boiling rapidly, add the langoustines and boil for one minute. Remove into a colander and run some cold water over them.
  4. In a heavy saucepan, sweat the diced onions in half a centimetre of oil until soft but not coloured. Add the curry paste and stir until it has absorbed the oil.
  5. Add half of the coconut milk, stirring regularly. Crush the fat end of the lemongrass stalk with a flat knife blade and add the whole stalk to the pan. Add the lime leaves and the remaining coconut milk. Bring to the boil and then turn down to simmer.
  6. Boil one litre of salted water in a separate pan. Rinse the rice and add to the pan, turning down to a simmer. Stir regularly until cooked.
  7. While the rice is cooking, add all of the fish (including langoustine if you choose to use) to the curry sauce. The fish should all be cooked when the shellfish have opened (approximately 4-5 minutes). Add the chopped coriander and torn basil leaves and serve with the rice.  

Thanks to our friends at Seafood Scotland for this recipe!