Squid on a Skewer

Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 4 minutes Serves: 4 Skill level: Easy Peasy Recipe by: Seafish

A delicious and easy squid recipe, great for a barbecue.


The method

  1. Preheat the barbecue or grill.
  2. Remove the squid tentacles in one piece. Cut the squid pouches in half lengthways then cut into pieces approx. 5 x 5cm and lightly score, using a sharp knife, in a criss cross pattern. Season the squid with salt and pepper.
  3. Roll up the squid and push onto the skewers allowing about 5 pieces per skewer, together with some tentacles.
  4. Brush with olive oil and place on the barbecue or under the grill. Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side until the squid is opaque all the way through (avoid overcooking as squid can become tough and chewy if it’s cooked for too long). Serve immediately garnished with the parsley and served with the lemon wedges.