Sardine fillets with Beetroot, Blinis and Soured Cream Canapés

Prep time: 6 minutes Cooking time: 2 minutes Serves: 8 Skill level: Easy Peasy Recipe by: Seafish

These tasty sardine canapés look great, and are very simple to make


The method

  1. Brush the sardine fillets with oil, season with salt and black pepper and fry in a hot pan, skin side down, until crisp. Turn, cook on the other side and then remove from the pan.
  2. Season the beetroot and toss in the olive oil.
  3. Place the blinis into the same pan as the fish was cooked in and fry until lightly coloured on both sides.
  4. Mix the chives through the soured cream.
  5. Place the blinis on a serving plate, then spoon some beetroot on top of each, followed by some of the soured cream and chive mix, pieces of radish and finally the sardine pieces on top. Garnish with the mustard and cress and serve.