Portuguese sardine cataplana

Prep time: 31-40 minutes Cooking time: 51-60 minutes Serves: 4 Skill level: Easy Peasy Recipe by: Seafish
This cataplana recipe from Portugal will give you a creative way to cook sardines.

The method

1. Sprinkle the sardines with coarse salt and set aside.

2. Cut the potatoes, onion, tomato and garlic in rounds.

3. Remove the head and guts of the sardines and wash them thoroughly.

4. In the bottom of the cataplana, place the chilli and alternate layers of onions, tomatoes, potatoes and garlic, seasoning each layer with salt and paprika. Top with the sardines, herbs, olive oil and wine.

5. Close the cataplana and cook over a low heat, turning the cataplana occasionally.

Suggestion: serve piping hot with slices of bread and boiled potato.

Note: If the sardines are small, you can put them on top. If they are large, you can cut them at an angle and alternate them in layers with the remaining ingredients, like you would make a fish stew.

Image: Telma Verissmo