NFFO - Red Gurnard with Spiced Lentils

Prep time: 13-15 minutes Cooking time: 26-30 minutes Serves: 4 Skill level: Competent Cook Recipe by: NFFO

Gareth Fulford, head chef and co-director of Cheltenham based seafood restaurant, Purslane, offers his recipe for creating a fantastic fish curry dish at home.

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The method


Trim the gurnard into two pieces of even thickness and size, then slash the skin to help with its cooking. Wash and drain the lentils. Finely chop the shallots and garlic then sweat them in a pan until they are soft and without colour. Add the curry powder and lightly fry it to release the flavours. Mix in the drained lentils and add enough chicken stock to cover it. Cook the mixture over a low heat, adding stock as required and stirring frequently until the lentils break down.

Season with salt and pepper.

For the cucumber salad - slice the cucumber into ribbons, season, add a squeeze of lemon juice and dress with the olive oil.

To make the mint raita - finely chop the mint and mix through the yoghurt. Season the skin side of the gurnard and cook it skin side down in a hot, non-stick pan turning it over when halfway cooked. Turn off the heat and allow the residual heat to finish cooking the fish. Serve immediately on a bed of spiced lentils, alongside the cucumber salad and mint raita.


Recipe kindly provided by NFFO