Fresh, frozen or tinned

It’s all good!

As one of the best sources of minerals and vitamins essential for a healthy lifestyle, seafood can help you with everything from weight management to improving your love-life.

The Food Standards Agency recommends that we eat two portions of seafood per week, one of which should be oil-rich fish. With over 100 different types of seafood available in the UK to try, there's plenty to choose from!

If you are lucky enough to live or travel near the coast, you'll find shops, kiosks and shacks selling everything from lobsters, clams and mussels to mackerel, bass and sole. For weekly shopping, seafood can be found in fishmongers, at fish counters, the freezer and chilled supermarket aisles and also on the tinned shelves.

If you live a busy lifestyle and want nutritious food that you can eat on the go, tinned fish is a great option. There's a huge range of tinned fish which is ideal in salads and sandwiches, adding to pasta or even to flake on a pizza – whatever you choose you'll always make a healthy, delicious snack or meal.

If you're the sort of person who likes a bit of flexibility and who wants to know that there's always good food waiting for you when you get home, frozen fish is a fantastic idea. Again there is a huge range from the nation's favourite fish fingers and fishcakes to delicious meals that are all about taste with little fuss.

Seafood has so many health benefits, and can be found in shapes and sizes that suit all lifestyles and budgets. So find the fish that's right for you, start including more seafood in your diet, and start enjoying all the great health benefits that eating fish has to offer. Fillet or finger, chilled, frozen or tinned – it's all good!