Fish fingers

In the UK we have been enjoying the humble fish finger since it first appeared on our plates in 1955. Since then generations of children have grown up to enjoy this tasty   tea-time treat and many still enjoy the legend that is the fish finger sandwich throughout their lives.

Nine out of 10 children in the UK like to eat fish fingers so it is no surprise that they are a firm favourite in the shopping baskets and trollies the length and breadth of the UK where nine million fish fingers are eaten every year.  Fish fingers are not only popular to eat but they are also rooted in popular culture. In August 2009, Banksy featured the fish finger as part of his art exhibition in Bristol. Two fish fingers were ‘swimming’ around in a fish bowl and on the 3rd April each year it’s o-fish-ially Fish Finger and Custard Day which plays homage to a Matt Smith Dr Who episode.

Our friends at Young’s Seafood produce fantastic fish fingers from 100% fish fillet. These are packed full of omega-3 and come in a variety of sizes to suit even the biggest fish finger fan.