Latin Name: Psetta maxima Commercially Farmed: Yes Price Band: High Flavour: Bold Texture: Medium Omega-3 Level: TBC
Cooking Method(s): Bake, Grill, Shallow fry


Like halibut, turbot is a highly prized species - often regarded as the best of the flatfish with great flavour and firm, white flesh. It has an almost circular outline, studded with bony tubercles on its dark side. Colour varies from light to dark brown, spotted with green or black and a white blind side. turbot ranges in size from 400g to 10kg. The texture is similar to halibut, but it has a slightly more pronounced ‘fishy’ taste, so requires little to enhance the flavour. It’s also a chef’s dream, retaining plenty of moisture during cooking which means it doesn’t readily dry out (ideal for functions). Availability has improved now turbot are also being farmed successfully. Farmed turbot are usually distinguished by their lighter skin.

Turbot Recipes

Turbot With Pickled Cucumber And Toasted Almonds 580X270

Here are some of the latest recipes for this particular species of fish.

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