John Dory

Latin Name: Zeus faber Commercially Farmed: No Price Band: Medium Flavour: Bold Texture: Medium Omega-3 Level: TBC
Cooking Method(s): Bake, Deep fry, Grill, Microwave, Poach, Shallow fry, Steam, Stir fry
John Dory

John Dory

Often called St Peter’s fish since St Peter is alleged to be the origin of the distinctive dark 'thumbprint' (or spot) on its side. The English name John Dory derives from the French 'jaune doré' meaning 'golden yellow' – a good description for this unusual looking fish, available from 230-450g fish to 2kg.

Because of the large head John Dory is best filleted, but beware the low yield (around 35%) and some sharp nasty spines, requiring extra care when filleting.

The flesh is creamy white with a dense texture similar to Dover sole, which holds up well during cooking. Ideal pan-fried or grilled, John Dory works well with Mediterranean flavours and peppery sauces.

It may be an expensive fish with a low yield – but it's worth it!

John Dory Recipes

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Here are some of the latest recipes for this particular species of fish.

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