Latin Name: Eutrigla gurnardus Commercially Farmed: No Price Band: Low Flavour: Bold Texture: Firm Omega-3 Level: TBC
Cooking Method(s): Bake, Grill, Poach, Shallow fry, Steam, Stir fry
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The most common variations are red, grey and yellow / tub gurnards, but all types are very similar in shape and taste, it’s just the skin colours that change.

Gurnard is found around the UK and the Mediterranean and available in sizes from 350g to 2.5kg – always a good value fish. Although commonly used for stocks, soups and bouillabaisse, gurnard is not a big seller despite being highly rated by a number of well-known chefs.

Although bony, this fish has a good flavour, firm textured flesh, takes strong flavours and pan fries or grills well.

Gurnard Recipes

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Here are some of the latest recipes for this particular species of fish.

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