About the Seagan Diet

What is a Seagan diet?

A Seagan diet isn’t a brand new concept, the term showed up way back in 2007. However, you can bet that there were people who ate a plant-based diet, that also included seafood even before this.

How is Seaganism different from pescatarian?

Pescatarians consume a vegetarian diet including dairy and eggs, with the addition of fish. Whilst the Seagan diet does not contain any diary or eggs, so is perfect for a dairy free diet too.

Why do we love the Seagan diet?

In a nutshell… there are lots of health benefits to a plant based diet and by adding seafood, the diet becomes even more nutritious. The Seagan diet ensures you get enough protein which can sometimes be difficult to achieve with a purely plant based diet alone.

A Seagan diet is perfect for those interested in wellbeing as it provides several brain boosting nutrients and is perfect for fitness fans building up muscle. It can also work wonders for whittling your waist, fighting fatigue and having healthy looking skin and hair.

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