Health experts recommend waiting until babies are six months old before starting weaning. Great first foods include mashed or soft cooked fruit and vegetables such a potatoes, parsnip, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and pears, or soft fruit like peaches, melon, ripe bananas or avocado. Baby rice or cereal mixed with your baby’s usual milk is also a good choice. After this, you can introduce mashed fish, soft cooked meat such as chicken, pasta, rice, noodles, mashed hard-boiled eggs and full-fat dairy products such as no-added-sugar yogurt or fromage frais. 

You can also use full-fat cows’ milk in cooking or mixed with food (although don’t give it to them as a main drink until they’re one – they still need breast of formula milk to top up their nutrient intakes). There are no firm rules on the varieties of fish you should first give to your baby when weaning but white varieties such as cod, coley, haddock and pollock tends to be a popular choice as the flavour is mild. Oily fish such as mackerel and salmon are also good choices. And small prawns, like the ones you find in a prawn cocktail, make great finger foods, too. 


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