Sushi makes a great alternative to sandwiches or salads when you’re on the go and need to grab lunch or a snack. It’s also a great choice when you’re eating out. Sushi can be high in salt, so look at the nutrition information and choose one that contains the least (the soy sauce and wasabi that often come with sushi can be loaded with salt). 

Meanwhile, if you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system, or are thinking of giving sushi to children, it’s worth making a few checks first. You should avoid any sushi that contains raw shellfish and should ensure any other fish used in sushi has been frozen first (freezing kills any small parasitic worms that are occasionally found in raw fish and can make you unwell). Alternatively, steer clear of authentic sushi and instead opt for a variety that contains cooked, rather than raw, fish – many supermarkets now use cooked fish.

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