Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide is designed to help us understand what we need to eat to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. It shows the different types of food we should eat, and the proportions they should be eaten in. As a guideline, roughly a third of our diet should be fruit and vegetables – we should have at least five portions a day. Another third should be starchy, fibre-rich foods such as wholegrain bread and cereals, brown rice, jacket potatoes and wholemeal pasta. Low-fat dairy products should make up roughly a sixth of our intake, and lean protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds, roughly another sixth. From this latter group, health experts specifically advise us to eat at least two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily such as sardines or mackerel. Finally, foods and drinks that are high in fat and sugar should make up only a small amount of our intake.

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