Most of us automatically think of meat when it comes to having a barbecue, but fish is also a great choice. Barbecuing fish brings out its texture and flavour, plus it’s a really quick way to cook. Large pieces of chunky fish such as cod, fresh tuna or salmon are perfect for threading onto skewers or barbecuing as whole fillets. Scallops, squid, king prawns and sardine fillets also work well on skewers popped onto a hot grill. For best results, make sure your barbecue is really hot (the coals should be grey), brush both the barbecue rack and the fish with oil to stop it from sticking and cook the fish skin side down first as this will help to hold the flesh together. You can also wrap fillets of fish or whole fish such as mackerel or sea bass in a foil parcel and pop onto the grill. And of course, always make sure barbecued fish is cooked thoroughly.

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