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Fish 2 a week - what's it all about?

Fish 2 a week aims to inspire more people across the country to eat two fish dishes per week. From prawns to plaice, haddock to herring, we want people to choose fish as a dish!

Not only is fish a quick and easy choice to feed the whole family, eating seafood has some great health benefits, especially if you eat it more often.

Meal Planning

Struggling to know how to get these extra portions of fish in your diet? Our delicious 28-day meal plan can help!

Meeting healthy eating guidelines for fat, saturates, sugars & salts, our plan contains all the vitamins & minerals you need to stay healthy.

Dietary requirements? No problem!

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Whether you're needing to watch what you eat or to make a lifestyle change, the great news is that seafood can fit into almost every diet.

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What does the research say?

  • 72% of adults don't know that it is recommended that they should eat two portions of fish a week, including one oily fish.
  • Almost a third (32%) of UK adults who eat one or less portions of fish a week claim that it is the cost of fish that prevents them from eating more fish.
  • Of those UK adults who eat at least one portion of fish a week, 43% are doing so as they "try and have a balanced diet" and 35% do so because of the "general health benefits of eating fish".
  • Among UK adults who ever eat fish, 47% claim to regularly (at least once a month) eat cod, 39% regularly eat salmon, 37% tuna, 26% haddock and 23% prawns.
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of UK adults spontaneously know that omega-3 is one of the health benefits of eating fish. 15% say that it's good for you because it's low in fat and 15% mention fish oils. 13% say it's a good source of protein and 11% describe fish as brain food.
  • 50% of UK adults see fish as having healthy heart benefits. 49% say that fish contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails and 48% say that it helps contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function. 28% associate fish with maintaining healthy blood pressure and 23% that it help maintains healthy vision.

(YouGov 2 a week study, December 2016)

Back to School

Our Back to School booklet is brimming full of brainy ideas about how to get more seafood into your family’s diet.

Ready, steady, cook!

Get the kids involved in the kitchen - a great way to get them trying new food full of Omega-3!

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Back to School

Back to School aims to encourage young families to eat more fish more often by highlighting how easy it is to cook seafood and how delicious the results are to eat.

A series of cookery school events are taking place across the country with parents and their children invited to take part. At the events, which are taking place in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, families will be preparing, cooking and eating a range of delicious dishes.

Are you a business looking to get involved?

2A Week Toolkit

Our 2 a week campaign provides all sectors of the industry with the opportunity to get involved; we've got a bank of useful marketing materials and fun promotional ideas to help you get involved.

In our toolkit, you'll find detailed plans and different ways you can take part.

From social media posts and media release templates to downloadable posters, we've got you covered.

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