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Resources & Activites

We have loads of free resources and activities that are suitable for teachers to use in the classroom environment.

Free classroom resources and activities for teachers!

Teachers can even order a FREE resource pack which contains booklets, stickers, posters and much more to use with their students - both to use with them in the classroom and fun activities that they can do away from school. 

This also helps with the continuation of the education of seafood at home and encourages parents to participate too.

Free resource pack

Order your FREE resources today!

The pack has a teacher's guide with constructed lesson plans, tied to the national curriculum, and additional support materials such as videos, recipes and games.

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Fun fish recipes

Click here to discover a range of easy recipes to cook with kids.

There's a mix of recipes to view online, downloadable PDFs (or you can print these from your PC), videos and instructional PowerPoints for you to use in class or at home.

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Teacher notes

Useful teachers notes for each curriculum region: 

Seafish snap

Make 2 copies of the sheets to create 24 cards (12 pairs) and cut out (laminate for durability). Play snap or pairs to help children become more familiar with these fish.


Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide shows the types of food we need to stay healthy and helps children think about why each food group is shown at a different size on the plate.


Eatwell poster

Print off this colourful poster and put up in your classroom to teach children about portions and the different food groups.


Fabulous fish dishes poster

Use this poster to discuss your favourite fish dishes, what you've tried and what fish your kids know.


Fish sorting

Cut out the six seafish images and stick them on this seafish sorting scene where they like to live.


Seaside Adventure

This adventure story covers fascinating fish-related topics, from sea to plate, together with full teachers' notes. Available in Cymraeg.


Fantastic fish session

Use this to help children understand that there are lots of different types of fish which can be used to make a variety of dishes.