Teachers And Schools

Teachers and Schools

We've developed six great lesson plans, plus videos and downloadable materials for teachers to use in the classroom with their students.

Fish can be an important way of learning about a wide variety of topics and we are here to help you!

We've developed six great lesson plans, plus videos and downloadable materials for teachers to use in the classroom with their students - you can view lesson plans online here in the Education section of our website or, if you prefer, you can order one of our free Fish is the Dish education resource packs.

The lessons and resources are designed to engage children with fish as a food, the different species of fish, fish dishes and the health benefits of eating fish while tying into your school's curriculum.

The resources focus on six species of fish - coley, cod, haddock, prawns, mussels and mackerel - which represent white fish, shellfish and oily fish. Key activities include making simple, tasty fish dishes and tasting different fish.

The pack and online resources provide teachers with the tools they need to deliver fun and engaging lessons for children. The home-school workbooks provide activities for children to work on at home with their parent/carer to encourage engagement.

Lesson Plans

Choose your region from the blocks on the right and get access to six great lesson plans that tie in with your curriculum. Each of these lessons have additional materials that you can use with your class such as videos, whiteboard activities, recipes and games.

These lessons cover a number of curriculum areas - hover over one of the blocks below to see what areas, named appropriate to your region, are covered.


Lesson plans for English curriculum. Aimed at ages 5-7.

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Lesson plans for Scottish curriculum. Aimed at ages 5-8.

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Lesson plans for Welsh curriculum. Aimed at ages 5-7. Also available in Cymraeg.

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Northern Ireland

Lesson plans for Northern Irish curriculum. Aimed at ages 6-8.

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Curriculum Subjects

Here's what curriculum subjects are covered for your region.

Mathematics (England), Mathematical Development (Wales), Mathematics (Scotland), Mathematics and Numeracy (Norther Ireland)

English (England), Language, Literacy and Communication Skills (Wales), Literacy and English (Scotland), Language and Literacy (Norther Ireland)

Physical Education (England), Physical Development (Wales), Health and wellbeing (Scotland)

PSHE (England), Personal and Social Development, Well-Being & Cultural Diversity (Wales), Social (Scotland), Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (Northern Ireland

Design & Technology (England), Creative Development (Wales), Expressive arts (Scotland)

Languages (Scotland)