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Seafood in Schools

Through two-day workshops and follow-on class projects, Scottish children explore where seafood comes from, how it gets to their plates, and why it is good for their health.

Demonstrations, displays and tasters

A chilled fish display, cookery demonstrations and tasting sessions using seafood high in Omega 3 with recipes to take home are an integral part of the project.

Visits to fish markets, processors, fish farms, fishmongers and retail outlets are encouraged and transport provided. CPD sessions are included at each workshop for teachers, whilst community events for parents are used to reinforce the healthy eating message.

The project has been running for three years, and aims to give children a greater understanding of the Scottish seafood industry and encourage greater consumption of seafood

It is funded by Scottish Government, Seafish, the Scottish Fishermen’s Trust and the Scottish Whitefish Producers’ Association, and also relies on in-kind contributions and involvement by the fishing and aquaculture industries.

Schools have been innovative in their projects, with seafood cafes, plays, videos, art displays and cookery challenges all undertaken. Some of the most memorable aspects of the project were Working with special needs pupils, whose sensory perceptions of taste and smell were different from our own.

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