Getting up close and personal with local seafood!

Swansea Bay kids in 20 lucky primary schools have been getting special fishy lessons on local fish and shellfish, and the importance of eating seafood as part of a healthy diet.

FLAG Schools Project

The project is led by the South & West Wales Fishing Communities Ltd and delivered by the Swansea Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) with support from Seafish. It has been part-funded by the European Fisheries Fund through the Welsh Government. 

The education lessons were inspired by our brilliant education packs, which has been developed specifically to support primary school teachers across the UK to deliver lessons on seafood. Our packs are a cross-curricular resource for children aged 5-7 years, and we’re thrilled that they’re being used to help children discover the seafood in their local area.

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We always want to encourage schools to work in partnership with local seafood businesses to help supply seafood to cook with, whether through our industry representative map or through our network of fishmongers and restaurants. As part of the project, Oystermouth Primary School was one of the schools visited by food technologist Sian Davies with local produce provided by Swansea Fish including sea bass and brown crab. The school then made some simple, but delicious recipes which all the children ate with gusto!

Caroline Morgan, a Year 2 teacher at Oystermouth Primary School, said: “Both the Year 1 and the Year 2 children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the seafood lesson which was fun, interactive, educational and tasty.

It was wonderful to see children who are sometimes fussy about touching food happily make the seafood wraps. It was also great to see all the children try some fish even though they previously said they didn't like fish. Some children ate so much fish they didn't have room for lunch! We would love to something like this again for next year’s classes.”  Dr Holly Whiteley who is the regional manager in Wales for Seafish said “Fish can be an important way of learning about a wide variety of topics - not just cooking. The children can learn all about how the fish are caught and how they get to their plate. The education pack and online resources provide teachers with the tools they need to deliver fun and engaging lessons for children and we encourage them to partner with local seafood businesses to really get the most out of the opportunities.”  If you’d like to know more about the project, our education program, or how your business can get involved with a local school please get in contact with Bri at Bri@fishisthedish.co.uk

Bri xx