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Seafood education case studies

For many businesses, charities or schools, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why in this section we’re showcasing the huge variety of ways different people have worked together to teach kids about the fantastic variety of seafood we have.

Sea For Yourself

A group of friends including Conor Keenan, Maria Hobitaki from Greece and Connor's wife Raquel from Portugal were meeting one evening and discussing their seafood dinner.

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Seafood in Schools

Through two-day workshops and follow-on class projects, Scottish children explore where seafood comes from, how it gets to their plates, and why it is good for their health.

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Mini Masterchef

Students at Penglais secondary school in Aberystwyth experienced a series of seafood masterclass from a local fisherman and chef, before competing to cook the best seafood dish.

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Malachy Mallon at the Dolphin Takeaway, Dungannon has an ongoing learning partnership in place with South West College.

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Getting up close and personal with local seafood!

Swansea Bay kids in 20 lucky primary schools have been getting special fishy lessons on local fish and shellfish, and the importance of eating seafood as part of a healthy diet.

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