Teachers And Schools

Teachers & Schools

Fish can be an important way of learning about a wide variety of topics - not just cooking. We have developed six great lesson plans which include videos and downloadable material for teachers to use in the classroom that is relevant to your curriculum. There's also a whole load of fun activities and recipes to view or download for free, and additional resources to help educate a child about the benefits of seafood.

Parents Kids

Parents & Kids

Introduce your children to seafood through stories, games and much, much more. At Fish is the Dish, we think that educating your kids about the benefits of seafood is rather important but we also think it can be great fun! There are huge health benefits for your kids by getting them to eat seafood and we've created a variety of information which helps you do this - educational info, recipes, games and downloads.

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Industry Representatives

Our research tells us that the best way to introduce young people to fish is to get them up close and personal with seafood and hear directly from people who are actually working in the industry and getting seafood to their plate. Become a FitD industry representative to help spread this message.

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Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Kids

There are lots of fun, tasty and easy recipes that you can make with kids.

Whether it's fancy fish fingers, marvellous mackerel pâté or crunchy haddock burgers, there are lots to make and lots to eat.

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Seafood education case studies

For many businesses, charities or schools, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why in this section we’re showcasing the huge variety of ways different people have worked together to teach kids about the fantastic variety of seafood we have.

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Fun stuff

Visit our 'Fun stuff' section to find even more downloads, activities and games that you can use in the classroom or at home.