Seafood Week species

Be inspired to try something new this Seafood Week! Take a look at the species we'll be trying and great recipes to try yourself.

Day 1 Cod

Day 1 - Cod

Great alternatives are coley, pollack, whiting and ling.

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Day 2 Mussels

Day 2 - Mussels

Other similar shellfish include clams, whelks or razor clams.

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Day 3 Mackerel

Day 3 - Mackerel

Looking for an alternative? Try sardines, herring or salmon.

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Day 4 Prawns

Day 4 - Prawns

One of our favourite shellfish but there are some great alternatives to try, including scallops, langoustines and clams.

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Day 5 Plaice

Day 5 - Plaice

Other similar fish include lemon sole, flounder and dab.

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Day 6 Sardines

Day 6 - Sardines

For alternatives try herring, mackerel or salmon.

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Day 7 Tuna

Day 7 - Tuna

Great alternatives for tuna include bream, mackerel and snapper.

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Day 8 Haddock

Day 8 - Haddock

Some great alternatives: cod, pollack and coley.

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