Ideas For Business

Ideas for businesses

There are various platforms available throughout Seafood Week and beyond that you can use to promote the event and your involvement in it.

Whether you're a retailer, monger, fish & chip shop, fisherman, buyer, community group or food service, to help you get started we've listed some ideas to spark your imagination.

Seafood Week 2016: The Results

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Inspiration to get you started

The Seafood Week calendar

Check out our Seafood Week calendar.

Our calendar helps you see what species are 'Fish of the Day' and 'Dish of the Day' throughout Seafood Week - why not create a special offer or samples for the day?

Run a Competition

Encourage participation in whatever events you run for Seafood Week by running a competition.

Offering incentive is a great way to engage people - perhaps a prize of seafood for a family of four for a week, or the chance to dine out might work.

Keep an eye on @fishisthedish and #seafoodweek for other competitions that are being ran.

Fish pun day

We'd hake for you to miss out!

Fish Pun Day is one of the funniest days of the year on social media - and it kicks off the start of Seafood Week.

This hilarious so-shoal media event dishes out prizes for the best fish puns and sees us pun-off against some big name brands - join in the day with #fishpunday


Join in the conversation on social media!

We'll be using #seafoodweek across all our digital channels in the lead up and during Seafood Week. Be part of the social buzz by adding the hashtag to your social media posts too.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the hashtag for some great conversation starters:

What can my business do?

Food service

  • Use our Seafood Week posters
  • Create a special menu in celebration of Seafood Week
  • Enter your signature Seafood recipe in a competition
  • Create a signature seafood dish of the day (our calendar will keep you right!)
  • Submit your recipes to Fish is the Dish here
  • Involve the community - offer work experience or tasting evenings to a lucky few competition winners


  • Use our Seafood Week posters
  • Get your suppliers behind the counter - tweet us snaps using #seafoodweek
  • Create special offers, your customers will love them!
  • Send us your recipes for the Fish is the Dish site here


  • Go to your local school for a show and tell day - impress the kids with the tales of life at sea!
  • Spread the word - tell your buyers about Seafood Week
  • Create your own exhibition with pictures from a typical day in a life of a fisherman

Fish & Chip Shops

  • Use our Seafood Week posters
  • Get involved with your local community with tasting sessions or working with the local schools
  • What's the funniest things customers have ever asked you? Share them with #seafoodweek
  • Send us your pictures of customers enjoying Seafood Week or your shop getting ready for Seafood Week
  • Follow our Seafood Week calendar with daily specials - or offer samples on the days!


  • Get your suppliers behind the counter - tweet us your snaps using #seafoodweek
  • Provide demo days or work experience offers through a Seafood Week competition
  • Create special offers, especially for new species, your customers will love them!
  • Work with your local schools to create a Seafood experience for the kids
  • Guess the weight of the fish competitions - ideal for a window display
  • Incentivise staff - offer a prize to the staff member who sells the most fish species on a certain day


  • Spread the word: tell your clients so that they can get involved too
  • Special offers and promotions are a great way to get customers excited about Seafood Week
  • Share your recipes - you can submit them to Fish is the Dish here

Community groups

  • Invite your local fishermen, producers or fishmongers along for a talk and find out more about how fish gets from the sea to your plate
  • Organise a 'fish tea' with a local restaurant
  • Try some of our recipes
  • Have a cookery night and share your successes with #seafoodweek

Seafood Week materials

To order our Seafood Week bunting. Seafood Week Campaign poster pack, Seafood Week Fish and Chip poster pack and Balloons pack, please click here.