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Seafood Spotlights

Find out more about fish and the seafood industry. From what’s it's like to be a fishmonger to ideas to inspire you to try a new type of seafood, we have lots of information for you in our Seafood Spotlights.

Tin talk: You can with a can! Our spectacular store cupboard staple

We all know the feeling – you get in late from work or the gym, maybe you’ve been running around like a headless chicken all day with no time to...

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Unwrapping a UK love affair with our world famous fish and chip shops

There’s loads of places in the UK to buy seafood – off the top of my head I can think of supermarket, fishmonger, street market, restaurant and online retailer, and...

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A day in the life of a fishmonger

In 2014 Ramus Seafoods, a North Yorkshire fishmonger specialising in providing quality seafood for fine dining, celebrated its 40th anniversary. Managing director, Jonathan Batchelor tells Seafish a little more about...

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Tinned fish… The Facts

Health experts recommend we eat two portions of fish every week, one of which should be oil-rich such as sardines, mackerel, herring, fresh tuna, trout or salmon.

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Tinned Fish

Juliette Kellow gives us some fantastic ideas on how to get tinned fish into your diet and make sure we hit our 2 a week!

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British Fish Craft Champion 2015 George Hooper reflects on his victory

George Hooper reflects on being named as the youngest ever winner of the British Fish Craft Championships in 2015.

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Out of the fridge and into the curry!

When it comes to versatility – fish really is the dish!

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National Curry Week and Seafood Week team up in tasty move!

Fish and chips have been battling it out in the restaurant and takeaway wars for years.

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Fish & chips - what will happen to our tradition?

Responding to a news article based on a study published in Nature Climate Change by the University of Exeter, Jonathan Batchelor, Ramus Seafoods, appeared on The Mark Forrest Evening Show...

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What to look for when buying fresh fish and seafood

Jon Bernasconi is a Morrisons fishmonger who prides himself on only selling the best quality fish.

He’s been a full-time fishmonger for eight years, having been with the company for...

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What's on offer - Skills and services provided by a Morrisons fishmongers​

Morrisons Regional Trainer Mark Riley has been with the company for 17 years – starting when he was 16.

He’s a Meat and Fish Team Leader at Morrisons Byker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


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What customers want - questions for a Morrisons fishmonger

Alison Cowan reckons seafood-loving celebrity chefs and media reports on fishing issues have transformed what customers ask at the fish counter.

Alison, 45, is a Meat and Fish Team Leader...

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What to do tonight - cook, ready meal or takeaway?

You know how it is, it gets to that time of day and you can’t be bothered cooking or deciding what to have.  You’ve not defrosted anything and everything seems...

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Ways to push the boat out in Seafood Week - try something new!

It’s Seafood Week and we’re letting the world know about how many different species of fish there are out there to enjoy!

Did you know that in the UK many...

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The quest for complete seafood knowledge - a trip to Loch Fyne

Oysters, mussels, bivalves, and royalty at Loch Fyne At Fish is the Dish, we pride ourselves on our fish facts and seafood knowledge – and it’s important to make sure...

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Mussel power – everything you need to know (buying & cooking)

While we might think of mussels as traditionally French fare when served up with a white wine sauce, they’re actually enjoyed in various forms all around the world. In Belgium...

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This is the time to get involved in the seafood industry

Here at Seafish we try encourage people of all ages to try fish and sometimes even venture into the fishing industry.

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Keep Calm and Cook Kedgeree!

Delicious smoked fish, lightly spiced rice, tasty boiled eggs – I’ll admit it, I’m a massive kedgeree fan!

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Colin Cromar: A day in the life of a fish and chip shop and cafe owner

Colin Cromar has been involved in the fish and chip industry for an impressive 31 years and his most recent venture is Cromars Fish & Chips in the beautiful Scottish...

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British fisherman reveals what life is like and what the future holds

​Experienced fisherman Tony Delahunty reveals what it’s really like to be a fisherman in Britain today.

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Being the best - champion fishmonger George Hooper gives us his top tips

George Hooper made history when he was named the youngest ever champion of the British Fish Craft Championships in 2015.

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