There ain't no party like a seafood party

Thu 21st December 2017
Party 770

This time of year is full of parties - you’re either throwing them or going to them. December just feels like a whirlwind of food, fun and laughter.

If you are having a Christmas party at your home this December or over New Year, think about including seafood in your nibbles and/or buffet. Not only is it good for you, it can be so simple and quick to rustle up, which means less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.


We love our fish finger canapes. These would definitely be a talking point for your guests. We bet no one else will be trying anything this special!

Mussel Popcorn770X600

If you are having a buffet, add this mussel popcorn to the mix. You could be setting a new trend! We bet that no one else has got this at their party!

Deep Fried Cava Mari 770X600

Now, it wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t have our deep fried cavamari. It comes with paprika mayonnaise to give this tasty squid dish an extra bite.

Chipotle Cod Tacos770X600

If you are having a Christmas or New Year’s party, you could always go Mexican with these chipotle cod tacos. They are so easy to create and the perfect finger food.

We love pushing the boundaries with different recipes and thinking about different ways to eat seafood and would love to hear and see how you eat yours. Tweet us your pics at @fishisthedish

Dawn x