Super Seafood!

Sun 2nd July 2017

An article in the Daily Mail this week caught my eye “An omega-3 rich diet can really fight bowel cancer”.  It then went on to say how “eating salmon, walnuts and chia seeds boosts the body’s ability to stop deadly tumours”.

The study from Aberdeen University said that when omega-3 fatty acids are broken down after eating these then go onto release molecules that directly attack cancerous cells.

Now salmon isn’t the only fish that is rich in omega-3; mackerel, pilchards, sardines, kippers, herring and fresh tuna are also full of it! Other health benefits of eating more omega-3include:

  • playing a part in keeping the heart working normally
  • helping to maintain levels of triglycerides in our blood (a type of fat), which, when raised, increases our risk of heart disease
  • helping to maintain normal blood pressure
  • contributing to the maintenance of normal brain function as well as brain development for babies during pregnancy and when newly-born
  • contributing to the maintenance of normal vision and normal eye development in during pregnancy and new-born babies.

We’ve broken down how many milligrams (mg) of omega-3 there are in 100g of each seafood and in our top five are:

  • rainbow trout (1720mg)
  • smoked salmon (2280mg)
  • canned sardines in brine (2500mg) or canned sardines in tomato sauce (2980mg)
  • kippers (3350mg)
  • mackerel (4830mg)

We’ve got some brill-iant omega-3 recipes that can help you get your omega-3 dose! 


Seafood pasta is a win/win as not only can you have it if you are on a budget but it’s a great way to get a variety of seafood into your meal plan!


Being number one on our omega-3 list we couldn’t miss out this creamy mackerel on a baked potato! It’s something different from the usual baked potato fillings and so tasty!


Or how about these kipper wraps which are perfect if you are on the go or to have on a picnic!

Let us know how creative you are when getting your omega-3 into your diet. Tweet us @fishisthedish.

Dawn x