Strictly Seafood

Fri 11th August 2017
Strictly 1

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 is teasing us with who will be in this year’s edition of the fab-u-lous programme, with producers announcing the line-up this week.

I for one love this show, so much so that I record it every Saturday night and watch it before the Sunday edition. I am always amazed at how much strength and stamina the contestants have. It makes me thing they must have copious amounts of seafood to get them through their gruelling rehearsals and then the anticipation and nerves of the Saturday night performance!

Seafood is a brilliant source of protein. It helps your muscles recover as well as supporting the growth and maintenance of them. Seafood has so many different nutrients and vitamins that it is nearly impossible to list them all! From vitamin B1 to vitamin D, iron to calcium, if the dancers get their two-a-week then I am sure we will see some extra-ordinary performances from them!

There have been no athletes announced so far but when they are, we can bet that they will feel the pressure of the daily practice.

To help our new contestants keep their strength up we’ve come up with some omega-3 packed recipes for them to try:


A delightful combination of mackerel and mussels, this dish will fill a hungry competitor right up whilst still providing them with enough stamina to take them through to the next round (audience voting permitted).


This pasta dish uses a seafood mix which takes the decision out of their hands and it’s so easy to make that it could make them a firm contender for that glitter ball!


If the dancers don’t have much time for something to eat between rehearsals then they can try these ginger cod parcels. Ready in less than 20 minutes and practically mess free, it makes this recipe the perfect dish!


With so little time in between their day jobs and their training, this kipper wrap is the ideal on-the-go snack to have.

Whoever appears in the final line up, we know that somewhere in their three month training regime that they will have super seafood to help them power through their final routines!

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Dawn x