St Andrews Day

Wed 22nd November 2017

Thursday 30th November is St Andrew’s Day, the day we celebrate the Patron Saint of Scotland. Did you know that he was allegedly a fisherman? What a great link to some glorious Scottish seafood recipes! (What do you think of our Saltire flag, made up of Scottish rope grown mussels?)

We thought we would kick things off with some Shetland fish cakes by our friends at So Much to Sea.  The combination of the fish cakes with the addition of the capers in the tartare sauce livens up the dish or you could also use some smoked fish for a change.

James Martin Shetland770X600

This Shetland seafood bouillabaisse sounds more complicated than it actually is. Can you imagine how impressed your guests will be when you present them with this dish?!

Raymond Smith770X600

Here is So Much To Sea’s take on carbonara, with pan fried king scallops on smoked haddock and it’s so simple to cook at home, that there’s no excuse not to try it! 

Christopher White770X600

Now this is definitely a something special dish - tusk with herb-crushed new potatoes. Again, it sounds more difficult than it actually is, so you can easily impress your guests without getting in a fluster!


This simple Cullen skink recipe from Seafood Scotland is such a mouth-watering recipe! It’s super easy to make and so handy for freezing too, so even if you can’t fit it onto your St Andrew’s Day menu, you can continue to celebrate for days after!

Tweet us at @fishisthedish with what you are serving up at your St Andrew’s Day seafood dinner tonight.  We love hearing what you will be trying.

Dawn x