Seafood of the month - sardines!

Wed 1st November 2017
Mediterranean Sardines 580 270

A new month means we focus on a new seafood and this time it’s sardines! These small fish are so versatile and can be cooked so many different ways! From deep fried to microwaved, from poached to steamed, which means so much choice of dishes!

Sardines are also available nearly all year round, which is fab news for us. Did you also know that sardines are high in protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and are a great source of vitamin B6? There’s no reason not to try this scrumptious seafood!

Sardine Nachos

We love trying out new dishes at Fish is the Dish towers and we especially love these sardine topped nachos. What could be better than cheese, tortilla chips topped with this superb fish and some sour cream? Ideal for that dinner in a hurry.

Salsa Linguine With Sardines770X600

This salsa linguine with sardines has only a handful of ingredients and will take you straight back to those long summer days. 

Posh sardines on toast

Our posh sardines on toast are perfect to impress your guests if you are having them join you for a homemade brunch. With an addition of chilli, it will definitely wake up their taste buds!

Salsa Sardines

You don’t have to break out the barbecue for this red pepper salsa sardine dish. It’s just as easy to cook the sardines in the grill for this glorious dish.

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Dawn x