Seafood of the month - mackerel

Thu 4th January 2018
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Happy New Year! A fresh start, a new you, a change in lifestyle - these are some of the things that we think about when a new year comes in. Whilst we at Fish is the Dish towers can’t help you change your life drastically, we can help with little changes, like a change in your diet. Yes you guessed it, by adding in more fish.

This month we’ve got some great mackerel suggestions (it’s our seafood of the month). Did you know that mackerel is one of the richest sources of omega-3? It has 4830mg per 100g! Omega-3 plays an important part in keeping the heart working normally. It helps maintain normal blood pressure and also helps to contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function and brain development in children and new born babies. It’s a great fish for all the family to enjoy.

Cjw Paper Steamed Mackerel 770X600

We love this spicy dish from our friends at Billingsgate Seafood School - paper steamed mackerel with hot and sour chilli dressing. It looks so fancy but couldn’t be easier to make, plus it can be ready in less than 20 minutes. Perfect at this time of the year when you need something filling and satisfying!

Smoked Mackerel And Sweet Potato

Are you back to work and on a health kick? This baked sweet potato with smoked mackerel is delicious and warming and will keep you full until tea time. No need to raid the biscuit tin when you get that afternoon slump.

Mackerel Tacos

Are you looking forward to the end of the week? Would love a takeaway but not sure if you have enough in the bank? Then try out our mackerel fish tacos instead. There are only a handful of ingredients and you can have as many as you like without breaking the bank and still being healthy!

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Dawn x