Seafood of the month - lemon sole

Fri 1st December 2017

Bish, bosh, it’s a new month and this December we present lemon sole! Ta-dah!

Did you know that ‘lemons’ have an oval body? More rounded than a Dover sole. It has a lighter, yellowy-brown dark side too. Lemon sole works particularly well with creamy white wine sauces.

As well as being a great fish cooked on the bone, fillets are always popular and are great for rolling around a filling and then steaming or baking.

They are found in the Eastern Atlantic and North Sea. Lemon sole from the UK’s south coast are generally considered the best and often command a higher price.

Did you also know that they are a popular fish on Christmas menus, which is ideal for us this month!


Let’s kick off the recipes with poached lemon sole and smoked salmon. This dish makes you feel extra special with the port flavour adding to this aromatic recipe.


Are you looking for something a bit fun but not too heavy? Then we suggest these lemon sole filo parcels from our friends at Seafood Scotland. These parcels, served with olives, sun blushed tomatoes, pesto and salad are a beautifully light way to serve this delicious fish. 


A simple dish if you are just starting out cooking fish is this lemon sole, green beans and potato recipe. It’s such a satisfying meal and easy to make as well as looking scrumptious on the plate.


Our citrus lemon sole skewers recipe is fun for those Christmas parties that you may be throwing. It’s so quick to prepare, all you need to do is cover the fillets in marinade and then throw them on the grill! What could be simpler?

Let us know what your favourite lemon sole recipe is by tweeting us at @fishisthedish.

Dawn x