Seafood and friends

Sun 6th August 2017
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Celebrate Friendship Day with those near and dear to you!

I don’t need many excuses to have my friends round to cook for them. I love it and now with my new kitchen, you will be lucky if I can drag myself out of it!

Friendship Day is the perfect day to show off your seafood culinary skills by trying any one of our delicious recipes. We’ve got ones that are so quick and simple and also ones for those that are more for a foodie. So a selection for everyone!

Prawn Fajitas

Seeing as its summer, we thought that these prawn fajitas would be perfect. They are great for a more casual setting, letting your friends be able to mix and match the amount of prawns, salsa, guacamole and dip for their ideal combination.


This seafood platter has such a variety of seafood that your friends won’t know where to begin. Now, is it the crab, the smoked fish or even the mussels that they should try first?! There’s so much choice!


Mediterranean SardinesIf some of your friends are watching their waistlines this summer, then serve them these Mediterranean sardines. They are so colourful, zingy and light! 


You can easily double up this recipe if there are going to be more than four of you for a meal. There are only a handful of ingredients and this seafood spectacular is so simple to prepare too.

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Dawn x