Pregnancy and seafood – debunking the myths

Mon 24th July 2017
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A report from the BBC states “Women are unsure how much to eat while pregnant” this week. Apparently one in three mothers’ thinks they have to eat 300 or more extra calories every day!

Women should only be taking on more calories in the last trimester of their pregnancy, 200 extra per day.

The article goes on further to advise expectant mothers to be eating a more balanced diet, for example, fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates like pasta and potatoes, protein like pulses, fish, eggs and meat and dairy, such as milk and yoghurt.

It also encourages mothers to eat two portions of fish a week, one oily, like mackerel! There are so many myths when it comes to women and being pregnant and we thought we would try and help dispel them. Starting off with what to eat:

  • Boost your baby’s development with mackerel and herring. Oil-rich fish are full of Omega-3 oils also found in every cell of the human body.
  • If mackerel and herring are too strong for you, try mussels and crab. You don’t need to avoid them, as long as they are thoroughly cooked and eaten as part of a hot meal. 
  • For tired mums, cod, pollock and haddock are rich in protein, low in fat and full or nutrients that will boost your immunity.
  • Sardines are a good source of calcium and will help to keep your bones strong during pregnancy.
  • You can also eat smoked fish such as smoked salmon or smoked haddock when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are craving sushi, this is fine to eat when you’re pregnant as long as the fish used to make it has been frozen first.

We’ve got a page dedicated to Becoming a Mum and what you can eat when you’re pregnant, so you can ease your mind and eat a healthy, balanced diet which is perfect for you and your baby.

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Dawn x