Omega-3 and arthritis

Mon 21st August 2017

Arthritis Research UK is launching a major nationwide campaign today (Monday 21 August) to reveal the true impact of arthritis across the UK.

Around 10 million people in the UK suffer with arthritis, a condition that causes pain, inflammation, tenderness and stiffness in and around the joints.  Arthritis Research UK recommends getting more omega-3 fat in our diet, for example, from oily fish, if we have any form of arthritis.

Maintaining a healthy weight (and losing weight if we need to) is one of the most important things we can do to protect ourselves from arthritis and treat the condition, as it reduces the strain on our joints. 


We’ve got some fin-tastic recipes to help you get more omega-3 into your diet, for instance this devilled sardines with horseradish potato salad. It only takes around 20 minutes to create and is perfect if you’re just cooking for one! Sardines are in our top 5 of the best seafood to eat chart!


Our kipper kedgeree is a nice twist on this original recipe. Perfect at any time of day and so filling! Kippers have an impressive 3350mg in them!


Did you know that the brown meat has 1300mg compared with only 70mg in the white meat?!  Try out this baked crab with pancetta, cheddar and leek recipe, it’s got 250mg of brown crab meat in it! Nom, nom, nom and sooooo good for you!


Now the ultimate omega-3 seafood has got to be mackerel with 4830mg per 100g – there is no excuse not to get this number one of the omega 3 chart into your diet. This tasty mackerel dish is so simple and can be put under the grill if the weather turns nasty outside.

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Dawn x