National Oyster Day!

Sat 5th August 2017
Oysters Open

Did you know that we’ve been eating oysters for hundreds of years? It can be traced back to Roman times in France and England!

Here at Fish is the Dish Towers, we are madly in love with them.

They are a fantastic source of zinc, iron, calcium and selenium as well as containing vitamin A and vitamin B12.  The best time to buy them is between September and April but they are available all year round (brilliant news!).

Did you know that oysters used to be in a cheap working class dish, particularly in British beef oyster pie? A lot of people think that oysters are quite an expensive dish but this is so often not the case!

I will get to the good bit now, the tasty recipes…


Starting with creamy crunchy oysters, we adore the gorgeous textures of this dish; they are created by topping the fresh oysters with cream, Gruyère cheese and breadcrumbs. I’m getting hungry just thinking about this recipe!


If you add black pudding to this oyster recipe, as well as apple sauce and whisky, you will impress your guests tremendously! Although you may not feel like sharing…


Would you be brave enough to try these fiery oysters? The chilli and tarragon in this recipe makes it extra spicy and even more mouth-watering!


If you are looking to make an extra special dish, then try our sweet and sour oyster recipe. By adding aromatic herbs to this recipe, you will have a delicious treat that is perfect for unique meal.

Let us know how you use your oysters and what your favourite dish is at @fishisthedish!

Dawn x