Make the most of mouth-watering mullet!

Sat 1st July 2017

This month we’re not just giving you one seafood but two! We just couldn’t make up our mind which was best, so this month we’re all about red and grey mullet!I know, we’re too good to you!

Just to be clear, grey mullet is no relation to red mullet. It has a similar appearance to sea bass but has larger scales. Grey mullet is ideal for cooking with strong flavours, and any sea bass recipe would work well with it.

Red mullet is a great looking fish with a mix of orange, red and pink coloured skin and it is big on flavour! The flesh of this fish is a wonderful pale pink and is very delicate but takes strong flavours and works especially well with fennel or a tapenade.


With having two different species of mullet, that means that we can give you even more of a variety of recipes, starting with red mullet on bubble and squeak! We know that this dish is traditionally made with leftovers; the addition of this superb fish really lifts this recipe.


Grey mullet with a lemon and almond crust is perfect if you are a bit unsure in the kitchen. This easy peasy recipe couldn’t be any more straightforward and the lemon and crust really compliments this delicious white fish.


This asparagus and stilton dish looks fancy but is so simple to throw together and the ingredients work beautifully to create a glorious dish!


Have you tried out this red mullet Hungarian style? Its powerful rich flavours make this central-European-style dish one to really impress with.


A fillet of grey mullet on a bacon roll is so mouth-watering and is such a great start to the day or a tempting twist for brunch!

Don’t forget to tweet us your photos of your mullet (fish not hair) creations to @fishisthedish.

Dawn x