Christmas Seafood Recipes

Fri 1st December 2017
Christmas Dinner

Christmas is nearly here! You’ve got the present list written, the Christmas cards are about to be posted, you can’t wait until the decorations are all up, and there’s only one more thing left to do… Figure out what to have for Christmas dinner! Why stick to the same old, same old? Go for something different this year. Not sure where to start? We’ve got some fin-tastic ideas of what you could surprise your guests with!


Kedgeree is the ideal dish for starting off your Christmas day. The mix of smoked fish and egg will give you the strength to be able to open all those presents that you be receiving!

Got Braavos Shellfish Platter

Looking for something unusual to start off your Christmas dinner? Then head away from the usual starter and try out our Braavos Seafood Platter, your guests can have as little or as much as they like and there will be something on it for everyone to enjoy, even if they’re notGame of Thrones fans.

Scallops Veerle Evens 18 Square770X600

If you are feeling like showing off your foodie skills this Christmas then how about our friends at Billingsgate Seafood School’s steamed scallops in the shells? The shells make the recipe look so pretty and appetising.

Red Mullet Veerle Evens 770X600

This roast red mullet with rosemary will have your guests rushing to the dinner table to enjoy this spectacular dish. Plus it looks like you’ve put in maximum effort when in reality it’s an easy peasy dish to rustle up!


Give your Christmas dinner the wow factor with this lobster thermidor. It looks like it could be a challenge but believe us when we say that it is simple and you can easily prepare the lobster the day before to give you a bit more time on the big day

Are you having a seafood alternative to turkey for your Christmas dinner this year? If so, let us know but tweeting us at @fishisthedish.

Merry Christmas

Dawn x